Scared of being single forever

Scared of being single forever.
Everytime when it seems that a person is the right one,
It wasnt, since it happened quite a lot, i’m doubtful about every try at love
Scared of being single thats why i leave love alone
It reaches me but i deny it every time again.

It seems as if i am cursed, though that probably isnt true i am still scared of falling in love.
Over and over it is the same, boy meets girl, they seem good for each other, but for some unexplainable reason the love wont last.

I am probably overthinking and maybe now, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next month, next year or even further ahead she will appear right before my eyes.
The love of my life, the one that will survive the curse that haunts me, until then ill be afraid about every try at love.


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